A selection of my published work at Nature Medicine: 

Disease in three dimensions: Tissue engineering takes on infectious disease

What’s old is new: Reconfiguring known antibiotics to fight drug resistance

Overtime under the microscope: Universities prep for impact of new labor rule on labs

Prime pick: Researchers get selective about T cells for cancer therapy

Buzzkill: Regulatory uncertainty plagues rollout of genetically modified mosquitoes

Tumor sequencing takes off, but insurance reimbursement lags

For a complete list of my work for this publication, please look here.

A list of my other published work:

Colorectal Cancer: 5 Big Questions, published May 2015 in Nature

Diabetes researchers fear worsening access to human islets, published in the June 2014 Issue of Nature Medicine.

Researchers Seek Scapegoat for Lyme Disease’s Startling Prevalence, published in the November 2013 Issue of Scientific American

The following were published on MIT News’ website:

Switching stances, July 2013

Holding the salt, June 2013

Starting up–again and again, June 2013

Striking a balance on taxes, May 2013

Power to the people, April 2013

Making sense of big data, March 2013

The following were published in Harvard Medicine magazine:

Under the Radar, Summer 2013 Issue

Five Questions with Amy Wagers, Winter 2013 Issue

Smart Science: Keeping Stats, Autumn 2012 Issue

Smart Science: See Change, Autumn 2012 Issue

Smart Science: Getting the Nerve, Autumn 2012 Issue 

Smart Science: Fresh Breath, Autumn 2012 Issue

The following were published in Harvard Medicine News: 

Science, for the People, February 2014

Positive Feedback, May 2013

Establishing Health Equity in Rwanda, April 2013

Splicing Slip-ups, March 2013

Battle-Scarred: The Story Behind the Exhibit, January 2013

When Parasites Catch Viruses, also published in the Harvard GazetteNovember 2012

Tuberculosis: A Global Perspective, November 2012

Tuberculosis Under the Microscope, October 2012

Shared Pathway Links Lou Gehrig’s Disease with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, also published in the Harvard GazetteSeptember 2012

Confronting Cholera, August 2012

For Mitochondria, Bigger May Not Be Better, August 2012

The Case for Curiosity, August 2012

Window to the Past, August 2012

Charting Autism’s Neural Circuitry, July 2012

Unraveling the Mechanics of Cellular Wound Healing, June 2012

The following were published in Bio-IT World magazine:

The Merits of Data Sharing in Tackling Rare Diseases, May 2012

Eric Perakslis’ Informatics Prescription for FDA, May 2012

Heng Li Credits Durbin Pedigree in Accepting Franklin Award, April 2012

A short blog post on MassDevice.com on Oscar Pistorius and his prosthetics manufacturer, August 2012

Coursework-related publications:

Ruminations–a webzine designed during the fall semester of 2012 by the M.S. in Science Journalism Class of 2013 as their capstone project. The webzine is dedicated to everything food and the stories and multimedia projects contained within all address the theme of food. I was responsible for the Projeqts® on Food Production, History of Food Policy, Food as Medicine, the Prezi® on Food Additives as well as the story, The Place behind Food.